DDGS (Dried Distillers Grains with Solubles)

DDGS (Dried Distillers Grains with Solubles)

Feed material: 1.12.9

IDTF 40400

DDGS (Dried Distillers Grains with Solubles) is a co-product of corn distillation in the alcohol and beverage industry. The nutritional composition:

  • Crude fat – min. 9 %
  • Protein – min. 25 %
  • Fibers – min 5 %

DDGS is rich in protein, relatively high in phosphorus, B vitamins and biotin. The relatively high energy value is determined by the high content of fat and fibers, which are highly digestible due to the low content of lignin.

DDGS is used in the nutrition of all groups of farm animals – swine, cattle, beef, poultry, and aquaculture. It is also used to prepare compound feed. DDGS is an excellent replacement of other high-protein meal (soybean, rapeseed, sunflower meal).

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